Effective negotiation management is key to reaching the best possible agreement. Together with our clients, we identify specific process challenges and develop effective negotiation management strategies while providing actionable advice. We also moderate and facilitate processes. The following advisory services are offered to facilitators, delegates, and other stakeholders in multilateral negotiations.

  • Strategy development: teamwork communication, preparing the ground, informal dialogues, negotiation structure, key facilitators, convergence strategies;
  • Active negotiation support: involves advice such as adjusting the strategy and/or (re-)formulating negotiation positions on the go;
  • Performance assessment: analysing behaviour and results, collecting lessons learned, identifying next steps.


  • Strategy development on negotiation management for the Moroccan Government as the president of the UN climate negotiations COP22, April – May 2016.
  • A one-day negotiation management workshop to support the facilitation strategy of the French presidency of the UN climate negotiations COP21 for ~45 officials from the French Foreign and Environment Ministries, April 2014.
  • Negotiation management workshop for the facilitation strategy of COP21 for the top management of the UNFCCC Secretariat, including the Executive Secretary, March 2014.
  • Active negotiation support in the form of legal and procedural advice as well as coordination of the EU team during the UN climate negotiations COP15 – COP20, 2009-2015.