Knowledge and expertise are among the core foundations of negotiation management. Our advisory board is composed of expert practitioners that have all facilitated key global negotiations for decades in trade and environment, amongst others. This board is composed of leading academics worldwide in the field of international cooperation, specifically global negotiations. The board members support our training and advisory projects and provide input to our research, based on their long years of unparalleled expertise in the field.

Professor John Odell_pic

Professor John Odell

Professor Emeritus of International Relations

University of Southern California

Karsten Sach_pic

Karsten Sach

Director General

German Ministry for the Environment

Robert Falkner_pic

Dr Robert Falkner

Research Director

Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, LSE

Nazhat Khan_pic

Nazhat Khan

COP23 Chief Negotiator

Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Fiji to the United Nations

Professor Pamela Chasek_pic

Professor Pamela Chasek

Chair, Political Science

Department, Manhattan College;
Executive Editor, Earth Negotiations Bulletin, IISD

Wayne McCook_pic

Wayne McCook

Senior Advisor to the Director-General

World Trade Organization

Richard Kinley_pic

Richard Kinley

Former Deputy Executive Secretary

UNFCCC Secretariat

Manuel Pulgar-Vidal

Manuel Pulgar-Vidal

COP20 President and former Environment Minister, Peru, Global Lead, Climate and Energy

WWF International

Tosi Mpanu Mpanu

Tosi Mpanu Mpanu

Board Member of the Green Climate Fund
Lead Climate Specialist

Environment Ministry,
Democratic Republic of Congo