Preparing the ground
Key organisers and facilitators
Informal dialogues
Non-party stakeholders
Convergence strategies

Unity of host team

A host government (sometimes known as a “presidency”) is responsible for hosting and facilitating the negotiations. The lead individual at the head of the host facilitation team is sometimes known as a “president”.

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Unity of international organisation & secretariat

Unity refers to a common understanding of goals and strategies, aligned communication, and a clear distribution of roles. Multilateral negotiations take place under the auspices of an international organisation, often the United Nations (UN). As the UN deals with multiple issue areas, sub-organisations are sometimes created to house a secretariat that supports the negotiation process.

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Host-secretariat partnership

Partnership refers to cooperation and good working relationships between the host facilitation team and the relevant international secretariat. While the facilitation team has final responsibility for the process, the two teams depend on each other for their optimal functioning and effective management of the negotiation process.

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