December 2017

After two years of successful support for global negotiations, we are now seeking additional strong partners to further grow the capacity of the Centre. We invite you to reach out to us for an exchange on partnership options and to spread the word within your network! For further information, please see below.

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We are seeking partners to advance global cooperation

We have assisted host countries and their lead facilitators in some of the most important recent global negotiations, including the Climate Summits of the last three years in Paris, Marrakech and Bonn and the WTO Summit in Buenos Aires in 2017. Our proven models to overcome the challenges of global cooperation that arise from the lack and loss of negotiation management expertise will also improve the outcomes of future summits. We are now looking for partners to join us in this endeavour to increase our impact even further. Whether foundation, international organization, country, individual, or business – if you are interested in supporting us, or have someone in your network who might, we look forward to hearing from you! Please, contact Kai Monheim.

Our Global Negotiation Gateway will bring together worldwide expertise

Knowledge on the facilitation and management of multilateral negotiations is out there – but it is dispersed across many practitioners and academics. For example, after successfully hosting a global summit, many officials move on to new positions, and their know-how is lost. We want to collect these insights, and make them available to everyone by creating a central global resource on lessons learnt in negotiation management. Our online databank will cover key issues such as facilitator team work, trust-building, or informal dialogues. It serves as a crucial tool for future hosts in designing their strategy and running multilateral negotiations. We invite you to share your expertise as practitioner or academic with us and the world! Please, contact our databank team via Magnus Lundgren.

Latest negotiation resources for you

We are constantly monitoring new and relevant research related to multilateral negotiations. This time, we would like to draw your attention to:

  • “Analyse rétrospective de la COP 21 et de l’accord de Paris : un exemple de diplomatie multilatérale exportable?” by Timothée Ourbak. Read it here.
  • “Negotiating Effectively: Justice in International Environmental Negotiations” by Cecilia Albin and Daniel Druckman. Read it here.
  • “Bargaining Power in the Reform of the Eurozone” by Magnus Lundgren, Stefanie Bailer, Jonas Tallberg and Silvana Tarlea. Read it here.

Best regards and all the best for 2018,
on behalf of the entire Centre,

Dr Kai Monheim
Director of The Centre for Multilateral Negotiation