The French Foreign Ministry has just published the first in-depth study on how negotiation management was a success factor to reach the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015. According to the author Dr Timothée Ourbak, “this study focuses on the negotiation process by presenting how the so-called ‘French climate team’ elaborated a strategy to reach a consensus based on an ambitious equilibrium and concessions from everyone, rather than based on the lower common denominator.”

We are grateful that our research done by Dr Kai Monheim, Director of the Centre for Multilateral Negotiations was recognized in the study. In the journal article “The ‘power of process’: how negotiation management influences multilateral cooperation” Kai compared negotiation management approaches in previous climate negotiations and underlined the importance of the process for a successful summit.

For further information please also see the news item on the Grantham Institute website.

Research tip: Study on Paris Climate Agreement recognizes research by Dr Kai Monheim