A thorough understanding of multilateral negotiations is crucial for many stakeholders. We provide tailor-made training sessions and lectures on multilateral negotiation management for our public and private clients.

  • Training on core elements of multilateral negotiations: transparency, inclusiveness, capability of organizers, authority of the lead organizer, and constructive negotiation mode;
  • In-depth thematic negotiations and lectures: politics and state of negotiations on key global issues, such as on world trade, climate change, management of chemicals and waste, and biodiversity conservation.


  • Egger Philips – Harvard-liscensed negotiation training experts. For further information please see this link.

Capacity-building: Navigating complex negotiation dynamics of the Montreal Protocol

In early November 2018, the Centre delivered a two-day workshop for African Delegates to the Montreal Protocol, in preparation for the 30th Meeting of the Parties in Quito, Ecuador. Our training was sponsored by GIZ (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), acting as a technical partner for the Green Cooling Initiative.

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Capacity-building: Multilateral negotiation course with the Danish Ministry of Food and Environment

In 2018, together with civil servants from the Danish Ministry of Food and Environment, we worked on deepening their expertise in multilateral negotiations. Our approach included interactive exercises designed to improve the participants’ negotiation skills and strategies used in complex multilateral settings.

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Training: UNEP course on Multilateral Environmental Agreements

In November 2016, the Centre for Multilateral Negotiations gave a one-day interactive training on multilateral negotiation management and negotiation skills as part of an annual course by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the University of Eastern Finland (UEF).

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Training: Negotiation Management Lecture to UNFCCC Staff

In March 2014, the Centre for Multilateral Negotiations conducted a seminar for UNFCCC staff, presenting the latest results of negotiation management research and policy implications for future negotiation processes.

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Training: Negotiation Seminar with the Staff of the German Ministry of the Environment

In January 2014 the Centre for Multilateral Negotiations held an in-depth thematic lecture on results from negotiation management research and policy implications for managing future negotiation processes. 

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