In early May 2019, the Centre for Multilateral Negotiations delivered a one-day training on multilateral negotiation management and negotiation skills to the Mercator Foundation. Our approach focused on interactive exercises designed to improve the participants’ negotiation skills and convey strategies used in complex multilateral settings.

Key elements of the training included:

  • Building trust and fostering a constructive relationship with the other negotiating party
  • Identifying interests to find creative options to enlarge the “pie” of the negotiation
  • Dealing with varying perceptions and evaluating alternative options outside of a potential deal
Thoughts and responses to the workshop

Excellent theory and reinforcement with role-plays, combination of concept, theory AND examples.

It was extremely insightful to analyse my own negotiation-related behaviour and reflect on it.

It was simply great, a super enriching workshop, thank you so much!

Keep it up! I’ll love to see you train members of the Global Diplomacy Lab, well done!