In November 2016, the Centre for Multilateral Negotiations gave a one-day interactive training on multilateral negotiation management and negotiation skills as part of an annual course by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the University of Eastern Finland (UEF).

The training provided the analytical and practical tools to present and future negotiators of multilateral environmental agreements. Participants gained relevant insights in how efficient negotiation management fosters global cooperation

Key elements of the training includedunep_logoUEF_logo

  • Advancing negotiation skills by interactive exercises
  • Providing empirical material and delivering practice-relevant negotiation theory,
  • Applying it to the negotiations of participants.

Around 30 participants from developing and developed countries showed great enthusiasm after the training, and expressed the relevance and usefulness of the session. They included:

  • Experienced government officials engaged in international environmental negotiations;
  • High-level representatives of NGOs, private sector and academia.

The training was part of the high-profile two-week course on Multilateral Environmental Agreements, international environmental law-making and diplomacy, intended to increase the effectiveness of negotiations.

The University of Eastern Finland (UEF) – United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Course on Multilateral Environmental Agreements.

Thoughts and responses to the workshop

The one-day training by Dr Kai Monheim was pivotal. Very relevant, practice oriented, interactive.
– Participant in UNEP on Multilateral Environmental Agreements

Monheim’s presentation: 5 – I would grade it higher if you let me.
– Participant in UNEP on Multilateral Environmental Agreements

Highly relevant, real-world insights into the successes and failures of multilateral climate negotiations. You won’t find this stuff in a text book.
– Participant in UNEP on Multilateral Environmental Agreements

The one-day training provided our course participants with the theory and practical tools for negotiations management. The theoretical material was supported by an interesting case study from the UN climate change negotiations, and the programme combined both lecture time and interactive exercises. Dr Monheim is a knowledgeable and engaging facilitator… we are certainly interested in his services for the future.
– Dr Seita Romppanen & Dr Yulia Yamineva, co-organisers of the 2016 UEF-UNEP Course on Multilateral Environmental Agreements