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Our circle of friends unites governments, international organizations, civil society, businesses and individuals with a strong commitment to sustainability. It raises funds for projects dedicated to support global multilateral negotiations on key global challenges.  


Members of the Cemune Global Circle make a leading contribution to the impact of our work. The generosity of our supporters is crucial, enabling us to deliver independent, world-leading advice, training and research on effective multilateral negotiations.  


Join the Circle to make a tangible difference on global cooperation, like on climate change, biodiversity and poverty. Be part of a community of like-minded organizations and individuals committed to making a change on a global scale. Benefit from an exclusive inside look at Cemunes work and inspire others to do the same. 


Join the Founding Members of the Cemune Global Circle!

Founding Partners

Visionary Partners

Partner - Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety
Partner - Ernst & Young
Partner - Boston Consulting Group
Partner - UAE independent climate change accelerators
Partner - Family Office Hamburg
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Principal Partners

Partner - AB Inbev
Partner - Schmidt Gruppe
Partner - Dr. Carsten Rahlfs
Dr. Carsten Rahlfs
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Excellence Partners

Partner - Bayer
Partner - Freuds
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Premium Partners

Partner - Eversheds Sutherland
Partner - Stephen Brenninkmeijer
Stephen Brenninkmeijer
Partner - Frits Philips Jr.
Frits Philips Jr.
Partner - Philipp Bernecker
Philipp Bernecker
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Partner Levels of the Cemune Global Circle

Visionary Partner

Visionary Partner

E.g., support upcoming UN Climate Summits. Empower host governments to design and execute successful negotiation strategies in highly complex settings.


Host a lighthouse project

Only on request

Principal Partner

E.g., support projects bringing together experts on online and hybrid negotiations to assist preparations for environmental summits.

Support the New Normal

> 50.000 Euro p.a.

Principal Partner
Excellence Partner

Excellence Partner

E.g., support tailor made capacity-building in multilateral negotiations for climate negotiators in highly vulnerable countries to make their voices heard.


Empower Least Developed Countries (LDCs)

> 30.000 Euro p.a.

Premium Partner

E.g., support on-site negotiation simulations for UN youth delegates ahead of key environmental summits.​

Empower Youth

> 15.000 Euro p.a.

Premium Partner

Your benefits as a member

Your benefits as a member

On a global level


Contributing to SDGs on a global level, e.g.​,


  • Quicker and stronger climate agreements​
  • Better development through fairer and stronger trade agreements​
  • Progress in global negotiation processes relevant to your organization, e.g. biodiversity, desertification, plastics etc.​
Your benefits as a member

On a project level


We strengthen your sustainability work with tailored support, e.g. ,


  • By supporting COP processes relevant for your organization​
  • By designing projects together ​
  • By providing negotiation support for your sustainability projects
Your benefits as a member

On a people level


Gain crucial know-how on global negotiations, e.g.,


  • Top management briefings on global summits​
  • Tailored opportunities to participate in the projects you support​
  • Peer to peer exchange with sustainability champions​
  • Annual Meeting of Cemune Global Circle members​

What people think

Endorsement by Yvo de Boer

There is definitely an urgent need to learn more systematically from past negotiation processes to make them more successful in the future.

Yvo de Boer
Former head of the UNFCCC
Endorsement by Pascal Lamy

This centre represents a great opportunity to provide negotiation chairs with facilitation best practices, and thereby accelerate the crafting of multilateral agreements on trade and other global i...

Pascal Lamy
Former Director-General of the World Trade Organization
Endorsement by Christiana Figueres

Negotiations cannot be improvised if they are to be successful. An understanding of the rules and dynamics inherent in any multilateral negotiation are as important as knowledge of the substance. A...

Christiana Figueres
Former Executive Secretary to the UNFCCC

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Principal - Partner Relations

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