Preparing a global summit is a crucial step in securing successful outcomes. At CEMUNE, we work together with our partners in governments and international organisations to identify the challenges they may be facing and develop negotiation management strategies.



We work with our partners to formulate effective negotiation management strategies to help prepare for hosting or participating an upcoming negotiation round or global summit.


The challenges we address include:


  • Preparing the ground to lay a stable foundation for successful negotiations, including on how to build trust and relationships
  • Teamwork and ensuring efficient cooperation between the host facilitation team and an international secretariat, such as through addressing unity of the host facilitation team
  • Using informal dialogues, both within and outside the system, to progress negotiations
  • Effective internal and external communication and related issues, such as transparency
  • Honing the roles of key organisers and facilitators, such as those of political leaders
  • Leveraging and managing non-party stakeholders in the negotiation process
  • Identifying possible convergence strategies to bring parties closer to agreement using tools such as agenda management or managing draft text


We work with our partners on the ground to provide active support during the summit or negotiation round. We help implement the negotiation management strategies and can provide 'on-the-go' adjustments to strategy or negotiating positions.