Deputy Director

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The Deputy Director manages crucial aspects of the organization, including but not limited to ensuring the development and timely implementation of an integrated organization development strategy, working with and supporting our members and partners, expanding the sources of financial support for the activities of the Centre; promoting and broadening the visibility and reputation of the Centre worldwide; and representing our vision, strategy, and core goals in global public policy arenas.

The Deputy Director will have both external and internal responsibilities, such as advice projects for summit hosts, training and knowledge projects for clients, partners and stakeholders, project management (business development, framing of critical approaches, high-quality client delivery, written products), administration (information technology, reporting, facilities), and human capital (HR/recruiting, mentoring, career progression). The Deputy Director will partner closely with the Director and Principals to chart CEMUNE’s future growth and strategic response to an ever-increasing demand for the organization’s services in a work environment that is rewarding, transparent, innovative, and empowering.

Deputy Director

What you bring with us

Educational Background: Advanced University Degree (Master’s or Ph.D.) in international relations, business management, sustainable development, public administration, project management, economics, or relevant social sciences.

Experience: Academic and/or professional robust multilateral experience with solid knowledge of multilateral and international policy processes, as well as the geopolitical, development, and multi-stakeholder contexts; experience building up organizations; and strong management and strategic experience, with a proven track record of leading teams.

Specific professional knowledge and Job-related skills: Strategy development and advisory policy support to the organization; Strong interpersonal and diplomatic skills and experience in dealing with politically and culturally sensitive matters.

Language skills: Excellent verbal and written English. Knowledge of other languages is an asset.

Delivering results:

  • Develops and manages projects, programmes, and performance cycles and can lead fundraising strategies, partnerships, and activities with the donor community.


Communicating with impact:

  • Communicates impactfully in different settings: representational, negotiation, media, and networking.


Managerial Competencies:

  • Builds teams and individuals diverse in gender, nationality, and background, managing with equality, inclusiveness, and respect to lead improvement and change to achieve organizational results effectively;
  • Clear commitment to fostering a culture of integrity and trust, transparency, professionalism, high performance, and accountability, demonstrated in the ability to manage by results, differentiate performance, assertively give feedback, and take decisive action when necessary;
  • Experience in identifying critical issues in a complex situation and consulting, gathering, and analyzing relevant information before proposing and implementing decisive measures or recommendations.

What you contribute to the project

Within delegated authority, the Deputy Director will be responsible for the following:


1. Strategic Planning and Policy Advice:             

  1. Provide leadership to the development, management, and delivery of Advice, Training, and Knowledge Projects;
  2. Provide expert insight on multilateral negotiation handling on behalf of CEMUNE at conferences, meetings, and other public venues;
  3. Ensure effective collaboration and strategic partnership for resource mobilization with relevant partners in programme development, management, funding, partnership arrangements, and communications with partners.


2. Management of the Centre and Internal Coordination:

  1. Administer everyday functions for the Centre and coordinate with the Director and Principals to prepare long-term strategies to achieve goals, including the establishment and global enforcement of standards, processes, and policies;
  2. Partner with the Director in essential internal leadership activities: human resources (recruiting, reviews, staff deployment/workload balancing, career progression), administration, and organizational planning, and promote cooperation between the team members to strengthen CEMUNE’s global impact;
  3. Monitor the overall performance management, quality assurance, and change management across the organization and provide regular inputs and recommendations to ensure its effective implementation and continuous improvement;
  4. Identify best practices and improve internal systems (budgeting/finance duties) with an eye toward future needs and budget realities, ensuring that the Centre responds to external challenges, risks, and opportunities.

3. Provide other strategic support and perform other duties assigned by the Director and any other relevant tasks.

Key information

Time commitment per week: full-time position (40 hours/week). Starting nov 2023.

Location(s): Hamburg, Germany (On-site)

Lead: Christa Castro


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