New Book About Managing Negotiations on Key Global Challenges such as Climate Change

October 2014

Date: 24.9.2014

Dr. Kai Monheim, Visiting Fellow at the Grantham Research Institute has published a new book which addresses the question of whether multilateral negotiations can foster worldwide cooperation on global challenges. The world climate summit of Copenhagen 2009 and the succeeding conference of Cancún 2010 reveal that the success of these summits does not only depend on the interest of countries. In addition, the negotiation management by the host country government and the UN plays a central role, as confidential interviews with over 60 chief climate negotiators, host country facilitators and UN officials prove. The book sheds light on the decisive influence of summit diplomacy and the negotiators of participating countries – and thereby on the reaching of global agreements. Negotiations on world trade and biosafety confirm these results.


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